Zach Kondak's Music

Zach is actively interested in music. He has taken over 24 credit hours of music courses at Vassar College, which include: Electronic Music, Introduction to World Music, Harmony, Organ, and Composition. Zach devotes most of his free time to writing and recording music of all styles. Zach’s musical works mainly fall into one or more of the following categories: experimental computer music, contemporary classical music, or experimental/progressive rock music. Most of Zach’s music is based around playing with rhythmic techniques. One technique is the sporadic interjection of small (usually 16th of 32nd note-long) pauses in repeated rhythms that would otherwise be perceived as very conventional. This technique can be observed in Saturday Dreaming, Pee Break, and A Short Piece for a New Life. Below, you can find a list of selected works.

A Short Piece for a New Life

A Short Piece for a New Life is for marimba and piano. It was composed throughout October and November of 2015 and performed on November 10, 2015. The piece was written In honor of Zach’s yet-to-be-born nibling. Throughout the piece, Zach utilizes various additive meters (e.g. 2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 3) to convey an impression of the joyous turbulence associated with the creation of a new life. View score

234 Measures

234 Measures was written and recorded in April 2015. The piece consists solely of overdubbed acoustic/electric guitar tracks. The piece relies heavily on a delay effect in order to rhythmically drive the piece. The title 234 Measures is a reference to the length of the piece in measures (bars), and a reference to Zach’s sophomore-year dorm room (room 234). Listen now

Pee Break

Pee Break is a found-sound piece. For this piece, Zach returned to his childhood home to record various sounds from the bathroom faucet. After retrieving the sounds, he edited the sounds using software such as Audacity and Spear. Once he had constructed a plethora of rich sounds this way, Zach used Reaper in conjunction with The Fallout Generator in order to arrange the piece. Listen now


Don’t is written in an Anglican chant style. The lyrics seek to outline several inner struggles that Zach has dealt with in the past. The video and sound were both recorded live in one take. For this piece, Zach utilized the BEAP library within Max/MSP in order to achieve the harmonization heard in the piece. Watch now

Quiet Moment

Quiet Moment is intended to be listened to with headphones. This piece utilizes many techniques frequently used in ASMR videos. Such techniques include: purposefully blowing into the microphone, page-turning, paper crumpling, ear-to-ear whispering, and mouth sounds. Listen now

Coffee Dreams!

Coffee Dreams! represents a prime example of Zach’s approach to lyrics. The piece was written by Zach in honor of his late grandfather, who suffered from severe Alzheimer's disease towards the end of his life. With this piece, Zach sought to express the many complex emotions associated with watching a loved one fall victim to such a disease. In an attempt to allow the listener to more easily focus on the lyrics of this piece, Zach chose to give this song a straight-forward rhythm and form. Listen now

You're Still Here

You're Still Here is a piece of contemporary classical music for mezzo-soprano and piano. The piece was composed in November 2014, and it was performed by Zach (piano) and vocalist Kathy Brink in February 2015 at Saint Peter's Lutheran Church in Port Jervis, NY. View score